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commercial real
estate Loans closed

As of September 24, 2019

Purchase Refinancing

Multi-tenant flex
Gilbert, AZ 
August 2019

This was 50% loan to value with 12-month interest only period. Managing over $3 billion in assets, sponsor is an Irvine-based private equity firm founded in 1996. Loan was approved in 32 days.

Cash-out refinance


San Diego, CA
August 2019

This was 26% loan to value. Sponsor is high net worth individual who bought subject collateral in 1988. Property located in Gaslamp Quarter. Loan was funded in 47 days.

Acquisition finance

San Diego, CA
July 2019

Building is Class B office with 51,237 SF in net rentable space. Loan to value based on initial funding was 54% and 62% based on total commitment. One tenant is responsible for 61% of rental income. Non recourse loan with standard carve out guarantees.

Cash-out Refinancing

3 MFR properties with
total of 113 units
San Diego, CA 
May 2019

This was a 62% loan to value with 18-month interest only period. The loan had a cash-out component to partially reimburse sponsor. Managing over $3 billion in asset, sponser is an Irvine-based private equity firm founded in 1996. Loan was approved in 40 days.

Acquisition Refinancing
5-Year loan

11-Unit Light Industrial
Greensboro, NC 
May 2019

Based in Orange County, Sponsor is repeat client with a real estate portfolio under management of four million SF. Loan represented 61% Loan to cost secured by a 216,000 SF light industrial complex. Loan was approved in 44 days.

Acquisition Refinancing
10-Year loan

102-room Quality Inn
Encinitas, CA 
April 2019

Loan represented 54% of the purchase price. Sponsor is high net worth individual who is a repeat customer. Sponsor, who is an experienced hotel owner and developer, bought subject property because of poor management by the prior owner. Loan was approved in 17 days.

Acquisition Financing
7-Year loan

Retail Center
Pheonix, AZ 
March 2019

This was acquisition financing of a shadow anchored retail center in Phoenix, AZ. Subject property was 96% occupied by 13 tenants. This was the 11th transaction with the sponsor, a Carlsbad-based real estate investment firm with a successful track record since 1996. Loan was approved in 26 days.

Acquisition loan
‍3-Year loan

San Diego
‍January, 2019

This was a 50% loan to cost. Sponsor is well experienced developer with proven 30-year track record in MFR development. The purpose of the loan was to recapitalize the sponsor's purchase of a 5,000 SF lot in downtown San Diego. Loan was approved in 24 days.

Acquisition Financing
‍7-Year loan

Santa Ana, CA 
January, 2019

This was a 57% loan to cost acquisition financing to repeat customer and Los Angeles-based private equity firm. Built in 1964, Subject property is a two-story building with 32,000 SF in rental SF. Loan was approved in 49 days.

Acquisition Financing
10-year hybrid

40,753 SF Industrial Property
San Diego, CA 
November 2018

This was a 66% loan to cost with a 12 month interest only period period to allow customer to perform tenant improvements on the property. The property was 89% occupied at the time of purchase. days.

Cash Out Refinance
7-year fixed loan

Portfolio of 3 MFR Properties
San Diego, CA 
October 2018

Our customer had bought the MFR properties in the late 90s and wanted to recapitalize investors. Silvergate provided a $2.1 million cash out and a non-recourse loan. Our loan represented less than 50% LTV. Loan was closed in 41 days.

Acquisition financing
10-year loan (reset at year 6)

80,462 SF Office
Santa Fe Springs, CA 
September 2018

Total purchase price was $12.6 million and Silvergate financed 66% of the purchase.  Customer is an experienced developer and a high net worth individual. Loan was closed in 38 days.

Purchase of a pool of
multifamily, performing loans

18 loans
Average loan of $916,000
All performing loans
September 2018

Silvergate purchased a portfolio performing. The weighted average LTV was 48% and the DSCR was 1.54 times. Primarily located in Northern California, the average seasoning of the loans was 3 months. Portfolio was purchased in 34 days.

Loan Features

Loans available up to $24 million
3-, 5- and 7-year fixed loan options
Award winning service and customer care
Step down prepayment, no yield maintenance
Out of the box, customized term and structure
45 day rate-locks available, no extra cost
Interest only and non recourse options available - on a case by case basis
No loan origination fee, no lender fee