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This is chapter two of a guide
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Best buys now

15 stocks that will serve as your initial stock portfolio. As I wrote in the guiding principals, you should allocate no more than 2% of your initial portfolio value for each stock position, and I would suggest that you leave at least 40% in cash for future stock purchases.

Two stock ideas

Each month I will write to you when I buy and sell stocks. I typically buy one or two new stocks each month. By October of 2019, I hope to buy another eight to ten companies.

Unless the business or industry fundamentals change (think Amazon and brick and mortar retail), I typically hold positions for at least 2 years. I will sell a stock if I feel it reached its intrinsic value, for tax loss harvesting or if I find a better capital allocation opportunity.

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Introduction call

Once you sign up, we will schedule an introduction call. The purpose of the call is to make sure that you read and understand the Guiding Principles and that we briefly discuss your objectives, time horizon and constraints. The conversation usually takes less than than 20 minutes.