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Research reports

We own a very concentrated portfolio of stocks. (As Mohnish Pabrai said: "By the time you get to the sixth or sevenths name, you are at about 80 to 90% of the assets.") 

Access to our reports is for paid subscribers only. But we also blog about these companies from time to time. Some of the companies we cover are: Seritage Growth Companies, GrafTech International (coming soon), Mednax, Hawaiin AirlinesCarriage Services and Stericycle

Sometimes, we put more weight on the industry than on individual stocks. In such cases, we buy a basket of stocks, representing a position in the future of the industry. For example, we bought this year a few gas and oil industry stocks. Among them: Gulfport EnergyNoble Corporation, and CNX Resources.


We also offer one-day workshops on investment life. These workshops vary in content: from real estate investing to retirement planning. From value-oriented investing and portfolio allocation concepts to industry-focused issues. 

By attending one of our workshops, you will learn to see the world differently. You will study financial concepts hardly mentioned in popular media. You will develop new skills. Join the mailing list for exclusive workshop invitations and more. 

Another set of eyes

The financial industry is full of misaligned incentives. Some advisers sell a product because they are promoted to sell it, irrespective of whether it is appropriate for you or not. Some advisers forget your situation and hardly pick up the phone because you are 'not one of their top clients.' And some financial planners don't know enough about investments.

You should question any investment advice.  You may be paying higher management fee than usual. You may be taking a financial risk you cannot afford.  

We can help. We offer a free, complimentary review of your financial plan. If we find areas that can improve, you may then engage us on a fixed, hourly-basis. Write to us for more information. 

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